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Getting Started - How to Contribute

UNITAF allows all members to contribute to ongoing projects. We have various locations in which you can look to see what we plan to, and are currently working on, to see if it's something you can or would like to help with. If you have suggestions or ideas that we've not thought of yet, we'd love to hear those too!

Useful Links
NOTE: Currently, to get an account to, you need to contact any member of #unistaff
Active Projects
  • Website (J10) our main website project board, ideas, bugs, feature development
  • Training and SOP (J6) for developing, writing SOP, creating courses and qualifications for release to the training system
  • Default Loadouts (J6) creating and storing the default loadouts used on all our missions
  • Player Statistics (J9) mod that tracks player statistics and logs them to our website currently in development/testing
Contribution Teams

Throughout our platforms, you'll see teams referred to as contribution teams, each have a J number which stands for 'Joint' short for Joint Task Force discord contains channel for each team and is used for instant communications, whereas is used for the storage and planning and tracking of projects.