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Create RAW version of OPORD usable in UNITAF Menu
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To display the OPORD in-game we can use HTML from the website, as long as the markup is extremely simple.

URI Suggestion:<operationID>/opord/raw

Example HTML:

PS. not sure how image URI's are handled, and if it's possible to use external URL's like
In local testing (using the example HTML within the mod) it does not work at all.
So most likely do all images need to be on the same domain as the initial URL.

PPS. the headers (H1-6) are currently used to change font size/type for different parts in the HTML:
H1 - confidental line
H2 - OPORD title
H3 - OP Title
H4 - Section heading (situation, mission, etc.)
H5 - not used
H6 - not used

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