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Introduction to the Communication & Change Management Plan

The purpose of this initiative is to have a process in place on:

  • How we communicate major changes to all members
  • Introduce UNITAF's areas of focus, in and out of game

Those SITREPS happen bi-weekly:

  • A major one once a month
  • A minor one once a month, offset by two weeks
Key success factors
  • They must be consice and precise in writing, in order to limit their size to something, which should be able to read within maximum 3 minutes
  • They must add value to our members
  • They should be released on Friday evenings
  • Changes should be done with a "Fail quickly. Fail forward." attitude.
  • Bullet points are king!
  • Major changes once a month. Followed by a progress update, two weeks later.

The Template

The template stays the same for both types of SITREPs.

Executive Summary
  • Short Summary of the whole SITREP, underlying key points or changes.
  • Summery of how last months changes have been implemented and their success
  • Promotions
  • Acknowledgement of good work
  • Short summary of current campaign
  • What is going to happen next month in terms of UNITAF strategy
  • What is going to happen in terms of campaigns/trainings
In-Game changes
  • Tweaks of game mechanics -> why?
  • Changes of SOP -> why?
  • All points not pertinent to the above topics
TFCO Closing words
  • TFCO's prerogative
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