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NCO Meeting
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  • The purpose of the meeting is to inform participants and to talk about topics which are of importance to the majority of participants present. It should not replace the COC.
It is good practice for the chair to link this page in #nco-chat, in order for participants to be prepared in advance and to be able to follow the structure.
  • NCOs
  • SNCOs
  • UNISTAFF (fortnightly)
  • Commanding Officer (fortnightly)
  • Operational leaders with decorum
  • The chair of the NCO meeting cannot be a member of UNISTAFF on a week in which UNISTAFF also holds a meeting, it should rotate ideally, but falls to the most senior person to assign the chair, it is an NCO meeting and therefore the chair should be an NCO, not an officer.
  • The official part of the meeting should be done within 30 minutes
  • The chair’s job is to make sure to adhere to this time constraint and takes notes. He introduces agenda items and leads the conversation.
  • The participants actively support the 30 minutes time commitment by being frugal about the talking time they claim
Reminding everyone about the 30 minute goal of the meeting, so people who need to go can leave, can improve overall meeting experience.
NrItemDescriptionWhoEnd Product
1Designation of chairThe chair gets appointedNCOsChair appointed
2RetrospectiveAny noteworthy topics from the last weekCO
3Mission FeedbackEveryone shares from his point of view and echelon how they perceived the mission. 1 minute each.What went well?What did not go well?How could we improve?Mission feedback.EveryoneList of discussion topics
4PerspectiveWhat happens next week?CODeadlines are clear
5UNITAF StrategyPertinent update about the coming-along of the roadmap. Major roadblocks.CO
6VariousAny point which does not fit in the above categories and should be raised to the attention of UNISTAFFEveryone
7-UNISTAFF leaves
8PersonelAny personnel related questions and concerns, which are of merit for the NCOs to be known or systemicNCOsIf relevant to UNISTAFF: Short description on memo
9SOPsSOPs which are not followed by many members or which are not practicable in the field in the majority of cases.<br>Proposal of SOP of the week.NCOsShort summary on memo, including the proposal of SOP of the week.
10Official part ends
11DiscussionAny talking points noted by chair can be discussedAll willingShort summary of consensus reached on memo
12Chair sends memo to CO
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