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Offical Operation Requirements
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  1. Has either an OPORD or a verbal briefing
  2. Has a debriefing
  3. AARs are submitted
  4. A published mod-preset, submitted to the operations center
    1. (if your mod preset contains new mods, it may need to be approved first)
  5. 6 attendees is the minimum
  6. A ORBAT layout broadly conforming to SOP
  7. ORBAT locking based on training is in effect (in accordance with the training system)
  8. Using the current CBA_settings file (for all mod settings)
  9. Using the logistics system (when implemented)
  10. Equipment and loadouts should conform to current training & SOP standards (as & when implemented)
  11. Any access or other equipment, weapons deployed etc should confirm to training SOP
  12. Must be officiated by an NCO (Field Leader)
  13. Minimum duration 90 mins, maximum of 4 hours (give an indication on creation)

New factions are approved at the campaign level

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